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Benefits of Roof Restoration Over Roof Replacement

If your roof is leaking and upon inspection you find out that it is already worn out, then that could be the end of its expected lifespan. Replacing them is most likely the only thing that goes into your mind. A complete roof replacement is expensive not only because of material, but even the labor of replacing it is also, and there is also the need to remove the old roof which is more intensive.

However, when expense becomes a drawback to you, you can somehow do something to limit cost by reducing materials cost and labor. Restoration, for all you know requires less labor and materials and thus cost much less. Roof restoration is much cheaper than roof replacement and you only pay around thirty to forty one percent for materials and labor for restoration compared to roof replacement.

Typically the lifespan of a commercial roof is about twenty years, and should you decide to have it restored instead of replacing them completely, it can add another ten to fifteen years of its life. Another favored position in restoring your roof, is that you do not have to right there and then restore everything all in one time, you can start with those portions that is badly worn out first and make future plans for another expenditure when you have saved enough to fund the next project.
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Weatherproofing for restoration, repair, and maintenance will prevent millions of tons of roofing waste to end up in landfills annually. You are environmentally friendly because restoration allows you to use your existing roof. This qualifies your home in America’s effort to cleverly use energy that pollute wisely.
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When you choose roof restoration instead of roof replacement, then you benefit from the fact that roof restoration is a maintenance expenditure and not a capital expenditure. For this reason, you will pay less tax on maintenance by taking the current deduction. If it is a capital expense like roof replacement, then the cost is only recovered through a number of years in depreciation. Federal rule indicate that commercial roofs depreciate on a thirty nine year schedule. The average life of a roof is around twenty years, and this is the reason why it is wise to extend the usability of your roof as long as possible.

Ignoring the fact that your roof is deteriorating does not make the problem go away, it can only get worse. If you delay roof repair, the problem will get worse and the repair costs will be more. There will come a time when the only option left is to replace your whole roof. So when you continue to neglect it, the more the risk of spending more.