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What You Need to Know About Wilderness International

The non-profit Christian organization called Wilderness International is a unique conservation group that combines environmental advocacy and the dedication to the Christian belief. Having been formed back in 2005, it is a rather young organization but has rapidly increased in membership ever since. Wilderness International first formed in the U.S. but has recently expanded its operations to include neighboring Canada. Accordingly, the goal of the organization’s formation is the encouragement to care for, experience, as well as enjoy God’s amazing creation.

Source of Funding

Similar to most other non-profit organizations about Earth’s conservation, Wilderness International gets its funding from different organizations and groups, including that of the government, sponsorships, private company grants, and donations from its own members.
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As of the moment, Wilderness International is involved one way or another in five different projects. The five projects that the organization is currently active in are Community Conservation, Outdoor Adventure, Community Environmental Education, Outdoor Adventures, and Church and Community Partnerships. But in those five projects, Community Conservation is what Wilderness International is widely known. The project is comprised of several different conservation projects in different communities.

Because Oregon is the group’s birthplace, it’s no surprise that majority of the programs under the Community Conservation project are located there. For instance, community members in Gladstone were afforded the opportunity to join several activities at Meldrum Bar Park, an area that contains several different wetland areas, which in turn is home for several species of fish, small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Back in 2009, Wilderness International increased its community conservation efforts by building a Native Habitat Demonstration garden in an 11-acre lot earlier declared as a natural area. The fact is in seven years and running, the project has remained as the group’s main focus.

Organization Goals

For the moment, Wilderness International’s Conservation Project has several goals in mind. One of those goals is to provide the necessary teachings in the community for the purpose of increasing local awareness about the benefits of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. On a more hands-on approach meanwhile, the project also aims at improving the native habitat and watershed health by way of invasive plant removal and putting native vegetation in their place.

Next, Wilderness International also wants to participate and be active in building infrastructures, but it isn’t for the benefit of industries. The infrastructure the group wants to build includes campground facilities, protective fencing, trails, and others that promote the protection of natural habitats.

Finally, Wilderness International wants to contribute to raising opportunities such as food and shelter to the native wildlife in areas where they currently cover. In a world where care for nature and the planet isn’t a priority, organizations like Wilderness International definitely could make a huge difference.