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Types And Benefits Of Christmas Lights

Almost everyone, young and old alike, consider the holiday season as the best time of the year. Christmas is widely-celebrated around the world and is considered the season of giving. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people would decorate their homes to celebrate this joyous season.

The primary decorations for the holiday season are Christmas lights. Christmas will not be complete without the decorative lights. Billions of decorative lights are manufactured and purchased yearly especially for the holidays. Many people would not hesitate to light up their entire house with Christmas lights. For this purpose, there are different types of Christmas lights suitable for every home, building and environment.

Christmas decorations and furniture will never be complete without Christmas lights. Lights can easily make a room or space more festive despite being under-decorated which is why homes and businesses make it a point to hang Christmas lights once the holidays are near. There are different kinds of Christmas lights and also differ based on their functions and benefits.
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Incandescent lights are like incandescent light bulbs except that the former is smaller in size. It is easy to find a single string with about 100 to 500 bulbs. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Incandescent lights are very popular because they are widely available and easy to find. Incandescent lights are also cheaper than other Christmas lights. Incandescent lights are wired and this makes it undesirable. An entire string may no longer work despite only one bulb or wire is not working. A complete replacement will be required making it more costly and tiresome in the long run.
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A newer type of product, LED or light emitting diode Christmas lights, has become very popular with homeowners and business owners. LEDs are eco-friendly, bright and long-lasting which are plus points for consumers. They come in different shapes and sizes and durable enough for outdoor use. LED users can save as much as 80% on their electric bill by replacing traditional lights. Purists do not like LEDs because although they are bright, they do not look or feel authentic.

A new way to illuminate your home requires no hanging of Christmas lights. Lasers may now be used to produce the same effect. Laser Christmas lights can be used in several creative ways. Laser lighting displays can liven up any landscape or room. Laser Christmas lights do not require any setup. In a matter of minutes, you can decorate and light up your home and business by plugging in a laser light projector.